Kinder on your skin Kinder to your planet

- Non toxic

- Doesn't sting

- No nasty smell

- Effective against enveloped viruses

- Zero alcohol

- Rehydrates skin

- Vegan friendly

- Cruelty free

- Works in 30 seconds

- 4 hour protection


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Alcohol free & non toxic


Refillable solutions


99.999% effective


Works in 30 seconds


Eco & Vegan friendly

Next best thing to washing your hands

When soap and water are not available, Kindr foaming hand sanitiser is the next most effective thing you can use. It protects your family and prevents the risk of infection without compromising on the health of your skin. 



Anna – Teacher and mother of 3


 "I would not use any other product on my children. Previously I have had problems with sanitisers that have caused irritation to their skin but I love using Kindr knowing it won't sting cuts or grazes. Not only does it protect from germs it also has added moisturiser which keeps my hands from becoming dry and uncomfortable. Now we can't use any other sanitiser ”

Case studies

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Why kids love Kindr

The hygiene of our children has never been so important.

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Kinder on eczema

Eczema and alcohol gels don't mix and can cause so much extra pain to anyone suffering from a skin condition.

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Refillable solutions

Discover The Kindr Company’s refillable santising solutions.