In the News: Mum who founded The Kindr Company honoured with award

In the News: Mum who founded The Kindr Company honoured with award

Yorkshire Mother, Kate Thompson, Wins Prestigious Made for Mums Award for The Kindr Company's Innovative Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Kate Thompson, a devoted mother of two from West Yorkshire, has been honoured with an esteemed Made for Mums Award for her kinder on skin, kinder on the planet brand, The Kindr Company. The national award recognises this small businesses’ achievements in developing plant-based sensitive baby wipes that are not only gentle on babies' skin but also environmentally friendly.

The Kindr Company, founded by Kate Thompson in 2020, was born out of her personal journey as a mother. Faced with the challenge of finding products that were both kind on sensitive skin and eco-friendly, Kate saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market. She dedicated herself to developing products that would prioritize the well-being of mother and baby while also addressing environmental concerns, which began with a range of non-toxic and refillable germ-killing solutions, safe for the entire family.

Through meticulous research and development, Kate has worked alongside UK manufacturers to create a range of baby wipes that are not only soft and gentle but also biodegradable. These wipes provide parents with a sustainable alternative, containing 99% pure water and designed to be ‘as gentle as cotton wool and water’ ensuring they are the very best option for delicate new-born skin, whilst also being mindful of the environmental.

Upon receiving the Made for Mums Award, Kate Thompson expressed her gratitude and excitement, stating, "I am incredibly honoured to receive this prestigious award, especially with some of the competition being much larger household brands. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone who supports Kindr. I am passionate about providing parents with products that are safe for their babies and kind to the planet, and this recognition further motivates me to continue with that mission."

The Made for Mums Award is highly regarded within the parenting industry, recognising excellence and innovation in baby and child products. The Kindr Company's biodegradable baby wipes stood out among stiff competition, earning praise for their effectiveness, sustainability, and commitment to quality.

In the words of parent tester Sophie, who trialled the wipes with her 10-month-old and 3 year old: "The quality of these wipes is amazing; they’re very thick and soft with a great amount of moisture. They feel just like cotton wool and water so are kind to a baby’s delicate skin but also tough enough to clean a toddler's mucky fingers as the wipes don’t tear easily. They come out of the packet one at a time with ease, making them a pleasure to use.”

As The Kindr Company continues to grow, Kate Thompson remains steadfast in her commitment to offering parents products that prioritize both their children's well-being and the health of the planet. With this prestigious award under its belt, The Kindr Company is poised to make an even greater impact in the parenting community and beyond.



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