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Kindr Sanitiser Refill Pouch

Kindr Sanitiser Refill Pouch

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The sanitiser refill pouch can be used to fill all Kindr dispensers in the range. The 500ml pouch contains enough liquid to refill your travel sized hand sanitisers 10 times. Modern life can be demanding, so we've got you covered with Kindr Sanitiser Refill Pouch. Conveniently refill all your hand sanitizers in one go and get the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted hygiene companion. Get ready to feel more secure and protected everywhere you go!

The environmentally friendly and economically sustainable option. Costing less than £1 each time you refill your 50ml sanitiser bottle. 

When used within the hand sanitiser foaming bottles the liquid is dispensed as luxury foam onto your hands. When used with the Flairosol range the liquid is dispensed as a powerful sanitiser fine mist.

This eco friendly sanitiser is also vegan, cruelty free and the more sustainable option. Your conscience will thank you with this eco-friendly sanitiser! Feel good knowing you're making a positive environmental impact with every purchase.

Why Choose Kindr

Kindr foaming sanitiser is more effective than alcohol-based products, it is kinder to skin as well as being cheaper per application.

Using Kindr for prolonged amounts of time improves the condition of skin. Unlike alcohol-based alternative which strip the skin of it's natural oils, leaving it dry and sore.

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Kindr on skin

"I wouldn't use anything else on my childrens' skin. Kindr is the answer for killing germs without damaging skin."

Anna Lister, mother of 3

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