Why Kids Love Kindr

Why Kids Love Kindr

The hygiene of our children has never been so important to us, and that is why we are delighted to report that kids love Kindr foaming sanitiser. Many children can be put off alcohol-based sanitisers because of the pungent smell and sting that are common with these products. But Kindr is different. The foaming action is scentless, tasteless and a lot of fun to use. Our test group of four to six-year-olds rigorously trialled our sanitiser, and the results were impressive.

Six-year-old Max suffered stinging with his old alcohol-based gel, but was delighted by the pain-free experience with Kindr. “I don’t like the red stuff [alcohol based gel],” he reported, “I want to use that foam one [Kindr] as it doesn’t hurt my hands.” Poppy, also six, noted that Kindr “doesn’t sting or smell nasty.” 

Harry four, found that Kindr revolutionised meal times, stating “it doesn’t make my food taste yucky after I’ve used it on my hands.” With children’s hands spending so much of the time in their mouths, particularly when eating, parents can rest assured that Kindr foaming sanitiser is non-toxic and does not bring with it the safety concerns that you find when using alcohol products on little ones.

This means that you can feel a lot happier allowing children to use it independently. “My mummy lets me keep my own bottle in my pocket for school,” says five-year-old Eleanor, ”I use it all the time because I like the foam and mummy says it kills all the nasty germs.”

The children also uncovered another happy element of the Kindr experience - how entertaining it is! “Me and my sister squirt loads into our hands and then clap!” recalls Poppy, “the foam goes everywhere, it’s loads of fun!”

Finally, Kindr also works as a ‘magic foam’ to soothe children when they fall. Not only does this have a positive psychological effect, but Kindr contains an ingredient found in Savlon, which acts as a non-stinging antiseptic on cuts and grazes. All-in-all, Kindr foaming sanitiser is the kinder way to keep your children protected, happy and safe.  

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