New Evidence Could Change Government Guidelines

New Evidence Could Change Government Guidelines

At the start of the pandemic, alcohol free hand sanitisers were left to one side as the World Health Organisation’s prevention guidelines for Covid19 recommended that we should only use sanitisers with 60% alcohol content or higher. Now we are left with dry, irritated and even cracked skin due to the repeated use of these toxic and flammable gels. Now a new study has confirmed that alcohol free sanitisers which are much kinder on skin, are just as effective as their alcohol based counterparts.

The study was conducted by the Brigham Young University in America and has been published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. The results of the new scientific research could be a game-changer, the study authors believe. Its co-author, Brad Berges, believes the study “may actually provide a change in government directions about hand sanitiser”.

“It can make can life easier for people who have to sanitise their hands a lot, like health workers,” added lead study author Benjamin Ogilvie. Previously harsh alcohol-based sanitisers have caused hand eczema in healthcare workers and the general population, according to a report by Health24.

“This independent study is great news,” said Kate Thompson, founder of The Kindr Company, “as it confirms what we have been saying about our products.”

“We already have several British Standard accreditations to prove Kindr kills superbugs and now all our products are proven to kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria which is higher than nearly all alcohol based solutions!”

Alcohol free sanitiser is also much kinder on the skin, as it doesn’t strip the natural oils, keeping hands soft and hydrated with no risk of irritation. And, of course, it’s much safer, being non toxic and inflammable.

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