Kindr Cleaning Baby Wipes

Hinch the Whole House with Just One Wipe

A trusty pack of baby wipes could be the number one thing for everyones cleaning caddy. Calling all Mrs Hinch's out there to get some Kindr wipes added to your basket for the perfect hinching companion for all the following household chores;  

Dusting Kindr baby wipes are a great way to capture dust on coffee tables, side tables, book shelves, etc. The dust sticks well to the wipes as they are so thick and moist. 

Houseplants Freshen up your house plants and shine those dull leaves with baby wipes! They are gentle and non-toxic so perfect for precious living plants and those dusty fake ones.

Stains Removal The magic of the Kindr wipe lies in the water content! It can attack all child-caused stains and help to remove them without damaging carpets or furniture.

Sticky Toys We all have those plastic toys that end up with unidentifiable sticky substances on them so again grab those Kindr wipes to rid the muck without leaving any chemicals for when they inevitably ends up back in their mouths. 

Clothing About to leave the house and notice deodorant or makeup stains? Grab the baby wipes and they'll be gone in seconds without staining clothes or leaving a mark.

Cobwebs Attach a baby wipe to the end of a mop or broom and use it to clear cobwebs in super quick time. No mess no fuss. Cobwebs Hinched away. 

High Touch Points Quickly wipe down light switches and door handles: Any high-touch points throughout your house can all be done with one thick and moist Kindr wipe, then thrown into the bin to biodegrade.

Clean walls Do you have a little Picasso drawing masterpieces on your walls? Baby wipes can get rid of most crayon and paint stains without ruining the paint job as they are water based.

Polish leather A gentle wipe can help improve the look of leather couches, shoes, and jackets, without the danger of damaging anything. 

Mucky Screens Everything from your smartphone and tablet to your laptop and television will benefit from a gentle wipe down with a Kindr baby wipe

Filthy Remote Controls Most people know to wipe down their phones daily, but very few people regularly wipe down their television remote control. That thing is nasty, a Kindr baby wipe will rid the dirt and crumbs in a second. 

Footwear Kindr baby wipes are amazing at ridding dirt and scuffs so mucky shoes look brand new once more. A quick wipe before school, work or a night out. Job done! 

Pets Wipe the dirt and mud off your dog’s paws or clean up shedded fur with soft, safe and gentle Kindr baby wipes, knowing they are 100% toxin free and harmless.

And don't  forget you can always use them for what they were intended...the Little ones cheeks, chops and mitts  ;) 

As Kindr baby wipes contain 99% pure water they will not provide any antibacterial or germ kill. So to finish off, coat everything in your home with a super safe and effective sanitising mist to finish the job - spray and walk away! Job done in record time. 

What else do you get cleaned with baby wipes? 

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