Salon Bundle

Salon Bundle


The Salon Bundle includes everything you need to keep your salon, clients and staff safely sanitised for £85.


The ongoing cost to refill all the eco friendly Kindr dispensers would be less than £16 per month. 


4 x 300ml large foaming hand sanitisers

2 x Kindr Flairosol Super Fine Mist Sanitiser

1 x 5L Kindr Liquid Solution Refill Canister


If you work in health and beauty you will already know the damaging effects of alcohol-based products on our skin. Kindr is just as effective at killing all germs, bacteria and viruses as sanitiser containing alcohol, but it is actually kind and rehydrating on skin.


With a high volume of clients, salons have been losing money with time set aside for rigorous cleaning in-between each appointment. Kindr could help you significantly reduce this and keep your salon safer without flammable, toxic products.


Kindr liquid sanitiser refills are used in all Kindr products to deliver the same 99.999% effective kill rate on hands, surfaces and equipment.


Do your customers love using our products in your salon? Contact us to find out about our retail packages and start selling Kindr directly to your customers.