Restaurant Bundle

Restaurant Bundle


Restaurant Bundle provides everythign you need to keep your business, staff and high turnover of customers safe and sanitsied for £195


Then only £32 per month to refill all your eco frienldy dispensers with Kindr liquid sanitiser.


20 x 50ml small foaming hand sanitisers

8 x 300ml large foaming hand sanitisers

2 x Kindr Flairosol Super Fine Mist Sanitiser

1 x 5L Kindr Liquid Solution Refill Canister



We believe that going forward, every table in any bar or restaurant should have a sanitiser on it to protect both staff and customers from the spread of germs. Depending on your table sizes you have the choice of providing diners with the 50ml foaming hand sanitisers or the larger 300ml foaming hand sanitisers, along with having a few spares for the bar, till and toilets. Two patented technology Flairosols will ensure all areas are kept sanitised and ready for the next customer after 30 seconds – so there is no delay in turning tables around.


Non toxic, non flammable and alcohol free makes Kindr the ideal solution for all food and beverage settings


Kindr liquid sanitiser refills are used in all Kindr products to deliver the same 99.999% effective kill rate on hands, surfaces and equipment.