Medium Business Bundle

Medium Business Bundle


The Medium Biz Bundle contains everything you will need to safetly sanitise your premises, equipmnt, stock, staff and cusotmers all for £105!


Our sustainable, both on planet and budget, system will cost less than £30 per month to maintain. 


8 x 50ml small foaming hand sanitisers

3 x 300ml large foaming hand sanitisers

2 x Kindr Flairosol Super Fine Mist Sanitiser

1 x 5L Kindr Liquid Solution Refill Canister


Keep everyone and everywhere in your busines safe with this bundle containing two of our patented super fine mist Kindr Flairosols, three desktop foaming sanitiser units for all heavy use areas along with eight pocket sized foaming sanitisers. All of which can be refilled with the 5L refill canister included in this bundle. This will need refilling every 6-8 weeks making your ongoing sanitiser costs under £30 per month.


Kindr liquid sanitiser refills are used in all Kindr products to deliver the same 99.999% effective kill rate on hands, surfaces and equipment.