Family Bundle Sanitiser Gift Set

Family Bundle Sanitiser Gift Set


The family bundle is the perfect sanitiser gift set including;

3 x 50ml foaming sanitisers along with a 500ml liquid refill pouch.


This sanitiser pack ensures the family is protected everywhere they go with three refillable travel sized hand sanitisers.


The 500ml refill pouch will refill the bottles ten times working out at less than £1 per bottle. Making Kindr Sanitiser the more economically as well as sustainable solution for long term use. 


Kindr sanitiser foaming solution rehydrates the skin instead of drying it out like all alcohol-based sanitizer alternatives. 


Alcohol free and tested effective aginst Covid - 19, this sanitizer really is kind on skin yet deadly on germs, bacteria and viruses.



    Component  CAS number  Concentration 
    Chlorhexidine Digluconate  18472-51-0 1.00 gm/kg

    Didecyldimethyl Ammonium


    7173-51-5 1.44 gm/kg

    Manufactured in the Uk by Viroklenz Infection Control. 

    Kindr sanitiser has a 12 month shelf life.