"Look no further" than Kindr

"If you are thinking of buying some sanitiser for your home, office, car, or as a Christmas gift, then look no further, not only are these ones well priced, eco conscious and made in the UK, they are everything you could want in a sanitiser and more"

Sian Manning reviewed Kindr foaming hand sanitiser for What's Good to Do and rated it 5 out of 5!

"My children and I got straight to trying it, it honestly smells of nothing, it isn’t slimy or greasy, it doesn’t hurt on any cuts you may have, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight at all and the other thing that isn’t mentioned anywhere – it doesn’t taste of anything. We all know that when you use a sanitiser in shop, restaurant or when you are out and about, when you accidentally get any in your mouth, move a hair from your lips, eat a crisp, it tastes vile, well this one doesn’t and with everything else this company have to offer I think they tick every box."

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