Refillable Solutions

A school recently admitted it has been throwing away up to 30 single use hand sanitiser gel bottles per week before they researched more environmentally friendly options and discovered The Kindr Company’s refillable santising solutions.


Reducing waste

Not only helping to reduce the schools plastic waste, which is hugely important to the Academy school, but they are now saving them money as well, having estimated to have spent over £30,000 on sanitisers so far this year.

Image by Leo Rivas

Adding up

More than a billion single-use hand sanitiser bottles will be used in the UK this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the thought of all that additional plastic going to landfill is heartbreaking. This is why it is important to look at using an eco-friendly alternative, such as Kindr. The fact that refilling bottles is much less expensive too is a bonus for cash strapped school and councils struggling with budgets during the pandemic.


Teachers reported that they found the bottles simple to refill, as well as raving about how much less messy our foaming sanitiser is than alcohol gels. Pupils also reported that they loved the gentle, scent-free experience with Kindr over the stinky and sticky gel they had used previously. 

Amazing benefits

There are many other fantastic benefits to using a non-alcohol-based foaming gel over an alcohol sanitiser in a high school. It is much kinder on the skin, non-toxic and there are, none of the dangers that come with using an alcohol gel.