Kinder to your staff Kinder to your customers

Benefit from Kindr business solutions:

- Save time

- Save money

- No nasty smell

- Effective against enveloped viruses

- Non toxic and non flammable

- Tested to British Standards

- Sustainable

- Vegan and cruelty free

- Halal compliant


Business Solutions


Alcohol free & non toxic


Refillable solutions


99.999% effective


Works in 30 seconds


Eco & Vegan friendly


The Kindr Flairosol

The Kindr Flairosol is like having the fast-acting effectiveness of a fogging machine at your fingertips. It can be sprayed over all items and surfaces, coating everything it touches with a fine mist of super effective sanitiser that’s dry and ready for the next customer within 30 seconds.


Kindr is part of the Refill Revolution, creating products designed with sustainability in mind, promoting refill over landfill which also impacts on your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility by choosing the eco-friendly solution.


We also collect, clean, reuse and refill the canisters to maintain a closed loop system.

For a bespoke package to suit your business please email

Benefits to your business

There are so many benefits to using Kindr sanitisation solutions, the fact that it’s kind and gentle on even the most sensitive skin is only one of them.

  • Save time – if you have a business where you need to sanitise between every client it only takes 30 seconds! Spray and walk away

  • Cost saving – Buy the dispenser once then only pay for the refills

  • Non toxic or flammable – save your Health & Safety team having to add it to their risk assessment

  • British Standards - Tested and proven effective to seven BS EN Numbers 

  • Sustainable- Refillable dispensers ensure we are kinder to the planet and company budgets

  • Vegan, cruelty free and Halal compliant